In today’s world, it’s sort of a big deal, to be, “all things social media.” From the teas, waist trainers, and plastic surgeons, but have things gotten so bad, that perhaps, today’s men have expectations, that you also be superficial as well?.

I enjoy name brands occasionally as well,but I’ll be the first to admit,very unapologetically, that I can care-less, about trends. When the world make you fall victim to “what’s in.”, you loose site of who you are.

You also in my opinion become “devalued”, or control my materialism. There’s an old fashion saying,”to make money,not let it make you.” And I agree whole heartedly.

I may be considered average, by the way I think, but I would prefer to be that,with a whole lot of morales, then to be a woman,who is co-dependent on brands and labels, and end up in a toxic relationship either with a man, or themselves trying to support a habit.

I am not, neither will I ever be, a superficial being, that have all the finest things in life, but the things that are most important,and that can’t be bought, and what matters the most, to be the very thing, I have to live without. No. I won’t ever be caught being vain.

I tell you what I am though. A hardworking, educated woman. And I can’t be defined by the world standards, of beauty and perception. I play by the rhythm of my own drums. I’m in my own lane and it’s pretty damn busy.


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