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Front Page Ad

This ad will appear on the front page of web site. Due to the limited number of spaces in this very desirable spot we are not able to offer multiple spots or larger sizes.

We currently have three spaces available. We will accept reservations for space on the front page for future advertisers.

Ad Features:

  • Your company’s logo or image of your choice. Ads appear approximately the same size as the examples.
  • Active link to your company’s web page.
  • Discounted rate if you choose to repeat your ad on an additional page.
  • Customized text describing your company and services. 35 word limit.
  • Ad listed in bi-weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
  • Price range from $60.00 – $75.00 monthly for all the above. Rate based on Ad Size see options below and a six-month minimum contract. Payable monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually. Prepayment discount available.



Sub-Page Ad

This ad appears along the side of the appropriate non-home page (you can specify the page you wish your ad to appear on). Ad sizes are limited to a max size of 300px X 300px. Options also are available for banner style ads on resource pages 728px X 90px .

Ad Features:

  • Your Company logo or image of your choice.
  • Active link to your company’s web page.
  • $40.00 per month. Six-month minimum contract. Payable quarterly, semi annually or annually. Prepayment discount available.

* If none of these options suits your needs please email us with your requests. Customized ads are subject to additional fees. Ads may be edited for clarity. We normally do not charge a set up fee. Additional fees may be charged if graphics or text requires additional time. We will contact you if that appears necessary. Ad text and graphics may be changed during the life of the contract for a nominal fee. We reserve the right to NOT accept ads inconsistent with the management policies of No refunds will be given in the event of early cancellation of ads.

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