All good things.


Love has away of having such bad timing. Now, I can’t speak on behalf of men, because I’m a woman, but from my experiences, men show up so late for “love.” A woman know she’s in love, and ready to go to bat for a man, the moment she lays eyes on him. The unfortunate part about that is, sometimes, men need way longer, before they know how much they like a woman. Unfortunately.

One way that a woman shows how much she likes a man, is through sex, a form of endearment. It’s to say, I’ll offer you my most price possession, to show you, how much I’m willing to sacrifice.

Then, when that’s not enough, some women offer. Money, cars, house, bonds, their credit and a rib. All in hopes of showing, the man she loves, that she’s the perfect one. Which so often, comes at a price, for that woman, because, she sacrificed, some of the best years of her life, and often times, never getting that man’s love. In most cases, not his support, encouragement, strength, or stability. At least not when she wanted it, or, when she needed it.

Then what happens. She wakes up. Her love begans to fade, and a sense, of common sense, starts to kick in, when a woman starts talking and rationalizing her life, to herself, and from her pain. Look out!. Then she’s prepared to leave.

Now, if you didn’t know the process, of how a woman starts to heal. Let me help a little.  A woman can take years contemplating leaving. She may have even made threats, a few times.

All cries unheard.

Once a woman has given up on love, chances of getting that back, is slim to none. It’s not a over night move. It’s a move based off of the actions, of a “no good man.” Now, you MAY, be a good man. But, if you weren’t displaying that to her, you were not, in that time in your life, and for her, especially.

Now, several months later. She’s rejoicing, rejuvenated, and happy she’s finally moved on.  Then out of no where, when that man gets his own revelation, he discovers that, she was perfect for him. She was,”sincere, smart, funny, educated, loyal”, and, at one time was solely his. Then, and only then, he wants to reach out, because, NOW!, he’s, in love.

Fellas!. It do not work like that. Don’t even waste your breath. Depending on how much damage you’ve done. It’s not even worth the effort.

Let that “good woman” be.

Find a new love. This time. Be good to her!, love her!, and appreciate her!. While she’s loving you, because unfortunately, none of us, have the benefit, of holding up someone else’s life too long. Every good thing, always come to an end.

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