Are you worthy?


Do we use the term “worth” loosely?. I mean. When we say, I deserve better, or, I’m worth more. Do we really live up to that, and make others as well? If I had to judge from my own experiences, and some others I’ve witnessed, I’ll say nope.

I’m so guilty of knowing my worth, but yet not knowing my worth. In other words. Knowing what’s best for me, but sometimes not living up to it, out of fear of failure. Perhaps, even assuming the worst, when sometimes the worst never happens.

As of recent, however. I’ve really been executing my worth. I will be the first to admit, it feels wonderful!.  I’ve learned to let go, and to think outside the box.

No career, no friendships or relationship,  deserves space in your life – that is not promised – to hold up, any head space, time or success.

So, I’ll share what I’ve been doing, to grab that worth, I’m so deserving of, from deep inside, and how I’ve learned to focused solely on me.

Now, I know you may have read several self help blogs, but as in my past blogs, I’m going to keep it, short and sweet.

First question is. What is it you really want to do and haven’t yet? Execute it. Who’s in your life, but stealing your energy? Get rid of it.

Fix your credit, get educated, talk to that crush at work, buy that car. In other words. Do you!.

Look inside of you. By any means necessary, and find your worth, and use it to grab that career, new relationship, travel etc. But do not accept mediocrity.

If it’s not beneficial to your well being. It’s not worthy of your cause.

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