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Deyvon L. Rosa was born August 25th 1988 in HARLEM New York. At a young age Duce’s father passed away which lead him to start figuring out his musical passions. Duce began tap dancing at the Madison Square Boys & Girls club where he eventually became a skilled tapped dancer performing in many shows across New York City.

Flowboy Duce first started rapping at the age of 12 under the tutelage of neighborhood friend and producer Chuck Platinum . He began to record with Chuck and worked with several producers to create his debut demo How I Tell it at the age of 16. Which caught the attention of DEFJAM. In 2006 Duce took an excursion out to California where he began recording with and coaching some young Bay area artists and discovered that he had a knack for songwriting.

In 2011, Duce released his debut project “The Healing Point Vol. 1” which caught the attention of then Hot 97 DJ Cocoa Chanelle which lead him to record with several artists including doing a movie soundtrack called “Wing Man Inc” with fellow recording artist Ant Grant. Duce has also opened for AZ,MR CHEEKZ,PHARREll WILLIAMS, and many other artist in the game.FlowBoyDuce has also been very active with,THE PEACE KOLITION OF NEW YORK CITY and THE UNITED NATIONS joint venture PEACE DECEMBER movement to spread leadership and peace around the globe. In 2014 FlowBoyDuce recieved an award from PEACE DECEMEBER & THE UNITED NATIONS for outstanding leadership & peace.Duce is a very active with chairty organizations,serving in soup kitchens and doing free shows for THE OCCUPY WALL STREET GROUP.

Jan 2016 Duce has been instrumental in releasing several remixes including remixes from Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, Diddy & Kendrick Lamar amongst others which have been included in a stellar project called The Pregame Remix Tape.

Since then FlowBoyDuce has been working on his latest project “Payola” which features the single “Can’t Be You” with super producer Lex Luger who is known for producing Waka Flocka Flame, Juicy J, Jay Z & Kanye West.

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