I’m not sure where to start when it comes to the struggle of having big boobs. Many men are infatuated with huge breast, but there’s a huge issue with maintaining them.

Many women such as myself,  that have large breast, have many different issues. One of the most aggravating issue, is that, it’s extremely expensive for “ONE!” bra. I usually spend about $59 dollars or more. The other issue with huge boobs, are the lack of colors and designs available.

There’s other issues, such as wearing strapless shirts, and or tops. And of course, it’s impossible to be stiff and perky, it’s just too much. I know many big breasted women can attest, to the fact that your nipples are sore to the touch, sweating underneath, back pains depending on how big. Just out right issues.

I can go on forever. That’s why many women reduce their breast. There is a huge misconception that there aren’t troubles associated with big boobs. There is.

If your considering reducing, research your plastic surgeon, and go for it! I haven’t as of yet, but I am strongly considering it.

I will shed a “little” knowledge, I’ve recently discovered. If you loose weight, you will go down a cup size.

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