Begging is so unattractive.


Let me be very clear. Begging, can be a very broad statement. Because these days, there’s a whole lot of begging going on. One thing I will say, is ladies, don’t be too vulnerable, a “begger.” will find you, and hunt you down, and skin you, like a pig. Or at least financially anyway.

Now, I’m oblivious to why grown men depend on their significant others. Was it the lack of parenting on the part of their parents?. Or, perhaps some men are just lazy ass bat shit, and it’s just easier to beg?.

I do know however, is that, it is never ok, to ask a woman that you haven’t been with, or developed a relationship with, for money.  I mean, you just come in the door panhandling?.

In case you were unaware fellas, a real woman, such as myself, find “begging” to be a real turn off. It tells a woman that you are co-dependent, and that your not going to be making any contribution financially. Of course there’s always an exception to the rules. But for the most part. It’s evident if you come in asking, that it will be a relationship with no substance.

With that being said, in today’s world. Everything is so expensive, and some people are barely getting by, to take,take,take, and never give, just places a financial burden, and strain on a relationship.

The misconception is that, good sex, means,financial stability. Since when do women have to pay for sex?. If all a man have to bring to the table, is his male parts. Then ladies be single. Or buy some toys, I’d be cheaper.

In otherwords fellas, grow up!, if your no longer of the age to be living at home with your mother, you should be a provider, a protector, a man!. Only kids beg, and that’s because they don’t know any better, and they can’t work. But a grown capable man, is more than able to get his own. And, “Those that don’t work, don’t eat.”

And ladies remember, “Givers have to set limits, cause takers rarely do.” — Unknown.

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