Black men ain’t shit


First off, let me say this. I’m aware there’s an exception to every rule. But let’s be honest. For those who are in touch with reality. And I’m not speaking about the 1% of brothers who are shit. I’m speaking about the 99% who isn’t.

There are so many sites designed to, shake the black woman down of her diginity. Not just from these unloyal ass “black bloggers”, but races all over the world. Trying to stomp on black women. But the reality is, how many black men are “paying their own way?” From the time a black man meet a woman he’s begging. From his momma’s to his “baby mamas” he’s looking for a come up.

The hatred they display against their own fellow black man. The lack of consistency in their children’s lives?. The lack of support they give to the women in their lives?.

Like. I can go on forever.

Point. Black. Period. Black men need to step up.

And for that 1% please don’t defend this group of men. “If it don’t apply, let it fly.”

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