Black men and self hatred


There is this never ending conversation that I usually have often with some of the black men in my family, and amongst my girlfriends. Now, I do understand that everyone have a preference. Some black men say, that they like certain women, because of this, or that.

However, as a black woman, I often, be a little taken aback, from the lack of interest, or respect shown, to us women of color.

I also find that to be very ironic, considering that black men, are born, and raised, by black women.

Black women, are very often reticuled, for wearing make-up, or unfortunately, having to raise their children, sometimes by themselves, or anything, to degrade or bring us down.

It was astounding how Alicia Keys, was ripped apart for NOT wearing make-up,and poor little Blu Ivy, was criticized, for her hair in the past – which is the same texture, as many of us, without the brazilan bundles – and more notable, the hurtful memes, created, just recently after the VMA’s, criticizing a child for looking like her father.

But when you look around Instagram, you see all these pages created, for biracial kids, and how “beautiful” they are. How social media, is flooded with photos of North West, idolizing her for being mixed with “good hair.”

The question here is though. How do we expect to be loved by others, if we don’t love ourselves first?.

Black women, are the most, highly educated race of women. Period. To date. And many who’ve had the privilege of being raised by a black woman, or in some cases, had a “nanny” as a black woman, have witness, the strength, smarts, warming, beauty that lives within us. Yet, still, we’re denied support, in any way, shape, or form. But yet, bashed, for anything, we try to accomplish. Even if we simply, are just trying to think highly of ourselves.

What’s most hurtful, is that the most hate, is from our own men. Which is again, astounding, considering, that the world, hates black men, as much as, they hate black women.

The amount of memes created to disrespect black women is insulting. Every other race of men, embrace their own race.

If a black man, meet a black woman. I mean, from the door, he’s usually there to see what he can get, and to bring her down. But when that same black man is with a woman of another race, he comes in the door with the mind, to uplift, build and boost her self esteem.

On the flip side. There is no other race, aside from the black woman, who fight, for every cause of a black man.

I know, that unfortunately, there isn’t going to be no change. Hopefully, soon, however, there should be some form of awareness.

Our black men, need to do a little better, in building and loving the black woman–

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