Can I just be a girl?


You ever wonder. Why have the roles changed so much? Like. What happened?, sometimes I want to be a girl. I don’t want to be the aggressor, I want to be chased. I want a dude to pay for dinner – without the expectation of sex – only to eventually be his girlfriend and give it to him anyway.

How about meeting a dude who have his own financial stability?. His own crib, credit, car, job and health insurance. I mean. I just want to be a girl.

I want to be with someone I know have MY back for once. One who I can learn from, build with, ask for assistance, or a bail out, for once!. I want to be able to call, if I get a flat tire, a tummy ache, I need tampons, or just simply be nagging because I just need attention. I mean. I JUST WANT TO BE THE GIRL!. Why have roles change?. Why do I have to use my credit, my car, my home, and health insurance to make someone else feel secure? Why can’t we just go back to having men be the providers?.


Why do I have to “think like a man” And act like one too?. How come text messages of my emotions are a turn off?. Am I not allowed to just simply be a girl.

Who do we blame, for the changing of roles?

I know.

Today’s stance of a woman’s independence, because a woman wanting, needing,  financial stability of her own, she must suffer from not being seen as a woman. And why we have to make those choices?

It’s simple. Some men weren’t being men, and close mouths don’t get feed. So, we did what was needed. We work. But romance has been tainted with our having to sort through the right man, like sorting out a needle from a hay stack. Pointless. The inability to just be a girl.

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