Coping with Age


One of the things that saddens me, is the process of growing old. When in all actuality, growing older is a blessing. Now, that don’t change the fact, however, that your heart may cringe, as your elders, who might’ve raised and cared for you, starts to grow older, and become vulnerable and co-dependent on you. Yeah, that part of aging is quite painful to watch, and it gives a distasteful  thought of the process of growing old. But do growing old mean time is limited?

I conquer!. I think, growing older today, as in yesterday, is it’s own blessing. A bittersweet one, but none the less, still a blessing. It allows more time, to heal old wounds, grow a little more, and live a little longer!.


Many people create,”A Bucket list.” A list of things to do, that you’ve wanted to do, before leaving this earth.

I’ve created the alternative, since, “bucket.” Seems so final. I’ve created, “An adventure list!.” Things I’ve never done, or was too afraid to do, and would like too before I go.

Traveling, is often another part of what people do, as they start aging. Wanting to visit many places in the world, to capture, beauty, style, culture and an overall experience. Also, to experience other cultures, and how they cope with getting older.

More importantly, it’s learning to forgive your loved ones, by allowing bygons to be bygons, developing patience, spending as much time creating memories with the people you love. And dear I say it, growing closer to God.

Oh! And yes, waking up early. Part of the benefit, we all take for granted of, in our youth.

These are a few, brief ideas, of coping with age. We can’t change the fact, that we all must grow old. We can’t predict, or prepare too much -not as much as we believe we can anyway – but, while we’re here, and somewhat youthful, we can change, how we’ll like to be remembered.

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