Count them


House cleaning is a true pain in the neck at times, and for some people it’s a daughting necessity. For me, on the other hand. It’s therapeutic. I’m not sure about you guys, but often times, life throws us all lemons, and well you know, that good ole fashion cliche, then we must make lemonade. Well. That’s exactly what I do.

When I’m house cleaning and brainstorming. I evaluate the things I am grateful for, and my many blessings.

As I observe, how spic and span my house is, I  think, well damn, I was raised well, cause a sister can clean, like I was being paid for it!. I also sit back think, that five years ago. I was jobless, on the verge of being homeless, separated from the love of my life, and if things couldn’t get any worse, I discovered I was pregnant. In my tubes!.

I had to have an emergency operation, three transfusions, and I lost one of my tubes. I was lost, and heartbroken. I also remember thinking.  What did I do, that was so wrong, to deserve such hardships in life?.

Then, with that quick flashback in time. I got  a wake up call, and a reminder, that today, everything isn’t perfect. But. I’m employed, healthy, stable living, healthy family, decent credit, and, the ability to have more children, if, my heart so desired.

So. I then stop rolling in self petty, over things that I worry about, but yet, more often than not, those, “What if’s”, never happen. So, I praise God. For giving me back, everything!, I thought I loss, and in doubles.

I also thank God,  I can be thankful for the little things. Because I know where I use to be.

If you find yourself. Getting overwhelmed with your circumstances. Please. Understand. You are not what you are going through, and “that too shall pass.” Look at the smallest blessings in your life, and use that, as hope, reassurance, and with the understanding, that things can always be worse.

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