Dear: Black Men


I love you. You are the ying to my yang. Your nectar is so sweet, that you are feared beyond what you’ll ever imagine . Because your strong, sexy, sexual,educated, desired by all races. And your African, rooted, big and bold, and envied by all. I know how special you are. Do you know?

Your educated, smart, a hustler, a grinder. Tax payers, the new lawyers, doctors, and valedictorian of AMERICA. Our president. You have the capability to make nothing out of something. You can make money from cleaning the slums,or selling scrap metals. You’ve created hip hop, rock roll, beat box, street dancing. From the cotton fields to, modern day social media and the blood sucking entertainment world.  Who steal your style, your sweet beauty and try to claim it for their own. You made du rags, and sweatpants, look hip, when they were just hand me downs. You all are the producers of the best female specimens of all mankind, and that’s THE BLACK WOMEN.

You are better, then the blood you shed on American Sole. The blood shed we create against our own. You are better than what’s recorded on video. You are powerful. You hold power. The throne. You guys are kings of All mankind. My beautiful black brothers. I love you. Adore you. And I’ll standby you. Through thick and thin. Cause I am part of you.

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