(DJ/Host) Q Lynn


DJ Q Lynn has worn many hats in her personal and professional life, but choosing to be a woman in the entertainment industry isn’t the easiest of them. “If you aren’t a stripper, bar tender, or bottle girl, there’s a struggle to be taken seriously,” she expressed. With her daughter as the driving force behind DJ Q Lynn’s ambitious attitude, she is motivated to prove that there is no such thing as a “man’s job.” While doing so, DJ Q Lynn is committed to empowering women on their way to the top – rejecting the idea that they must claw at each other’s backs to gain success.

At age 22, DJ Q Lynn began her first radio podcast while attending school and graduating with a degree in broadcasting. After graduating, she accepted an internship at Sirius XM Radio in NYC and discovered another passion of hers: working as a radio personality. Teaming up with Xquizit Entertainment, DJ Q Lynn quickly gained a name for herself and joined the elite DJ group – “The Hurricane DJs.” Shortly after, she founded her own group of like minded, ambitious women, appropriately titled “Hurricane Divas.”

DJ Q Lynn now DJ’s at some of the hottest venues in New York. She also host and produces her own show on DTF Radio. While currently working on several businesses, the endeavor DJ Q Lynn is most passionate about is The Young Moms Club, a non profit housed under Hurricane Divas, committed to being a safe haven for young mothers in the Tri-State Area. The organization’s purpose is to help these women grow while navigating the journey of being a single parent.

Utilizing her voice and with music as her medium, DJ Q Lynn is intent on making a difference.


Terrence Forrest
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