DMX Has Powerful Interview on the Breakfast Club and Brings New Music


DMX is known as one of the most influential artist fof the 90’s. A lot has happened since the birth of his career and DMX has often been criticized over his mistakes. DMX sits down with Power 101.5’s Morning show the Breakfast Club and tells his side of his stories.

X talks about not caring what people think of him and that he will always receive exactly what he needs. As we all know DMX is religious and in every thing he says he speaks about his God. When asks how he feels his influence would be as a pastor versus a rapper, DMX felt he did not know enough to give a real answer. DMX always thinks before he talks and says that something good comes from something bad.

DMX talked social media and not changing what isn’t broken. He also speaks out on his health scare in which many media outlets blamed on drugs. The truth behind that incident was actually his asthma.

Pride carries DMX but he is also humble enough to know his rights from wrongs and strength from weakness. He also brought the Breakfast Club a treat of new music. To hear DMX’s new track  “Blood Red” press play below

 You can also tune in to the crazy, loud and very animated video of the 1 hour interview below and learn what X had to say about Drake, Diddy, Ja Rule and more!

Lynn Gray
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