Dwyane Wade Leaves Miami to join the Chicago Bulls


It was beginning to look like Dwyane Wade would be one of the few players to play their entire career with one team. This is no longer the case after 13 seasons and 3 NBA titles later Wade left to join the Chicago Bulls on a 2 year $47.5 Million deal.

Im sure many Heat fans were shocked and in disbelief, first Lebron left to go back home and now Wade is going home to Chicago where he was born.

This went from a Championship team to now not much of a play off contender. As some may remember it wasn’t to long ago that Wade said “I don’t want to be on the market at all,”. And Riley said, “Compensation to a player is not just a way to get paid and to live your life. Compensation to a player is about recognition and respect and place. We know where he belongs … He’s a lifer. What he’s done in this city over the last 13 years is irreplaceable, and so we’re going to do the right thing.”

During the offseason Wade wasn’t a priority for the heat and that may have played a part in his decision. The heat was more focused on keeping Hassan Whiteside and chasing after Kevin Durant. This was evident when they tried to lowball him with an initial offer of $10 million

Wade joins a Bulls team that includes Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler, Robin Lopez, Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis and 2016 first-round draft pick Denzel Valentine.

Terrence Forrest
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