Floyd Mayweather banned from Hustlers Club for Sending a 1099 Tax Form


In 2014 Floyd Mayweather visted Larry Flints Hustlers Club in Vegas where allegedly he spent over $20,000.

According to various sources Mayweather Promotions sent a 1099 tax form to the club and wants them to pay taxes on the money spent that night. An estimated $15000 in singles Mayweather and his crew made rain on strippers and about $5000 spent on the club.

According to the Daily Mail Jason Mahoney, the owner of the Vegas location was furious and felt “Insulted” receiving the tax form after they provide Mayweather and his camp free admission plus comped them 20 bottles of alcohol.  “We should have given Mayweather a 1099 for $10,000. As you saw on the video, they had a big party enjoying themselves.”

As of now Mayweather is not welcome at the Hustlers Club in Vegas according to P.R. manager for the club, Leo Mena, who was also offended that the multi-millionaire didn’t tip the cocktail waitresses. But owner Jason Mohney says ‘Mayweather can come back if he pays admission and apologizes.’

Mayweather’s tax attorney Jeff Morse said that the form may have been sent out in error and is looking to clear this all up.



Terrence Forrest
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