“Fuck Boys”

I swear, I always thought a “fuck boy” was a guy who was co-dependent on a woman, whether it’d be for her possessions or his obsessions with the VJJ.   Then, I was browsing instagram, and a popular vlogger, by the name of “Talkgaywithfaye” defined a fuck boy, as a guy who want to just smash and dash. The kind of dude that will move hell over hot water, say anything he think you want to hear,  just to get that ass and when he do and you start to get attached, he will hit you with the “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.” that way he don’t have to be responsible for your emotions.
The urban dictionary describes a Fuck Boy:
“As a manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want.
In other words.  In case you missed the definition, here’s a sentence for you:  “That fuckboy Seth made me sleep outside in the cold so he could try to get some from Susan, who was blacked out drunk as shit, barfing all night”.
Yes, more definition with hashtags, just to get  my drift (#fuckboi #fuck #boy #boi #dick #asshole #douchbag #douche)”.–
yada, yada, yada.
I’m sure that “it goes down in the DM’s ” these days, and the first thing these type of clowns ask for, are pictures.
Choose one of the million pictures all over my page,  if you want a picture that bad.
That’s a sign he may be a fuck boy.
Another sign.
Finally you meet him, decide to give him your number and you notice. All he keep asking for are pictures, and the conversation never seems to get past that topic,and to have an intellectual conversation with him, is few and far between. But let you offer up that picture. Conversations about how good his D is, is going to be immeditaley open for topic. Heaven forbid, if you make the mistake and see all those signs, and still allow this fool to get some.
You’ll notice, that he will never be interested in talking about nothing concerning to you, or about you, and he damn sure, isn’t for a second, about to let you in on his life.
All! signs of a fuck boy.
If for whatever the reason, this dude, find it ok in his bird, brain, ass, head, to ask you for any kind of money.  I’m talking about a dime, a nickel, a penny, but he have only known you for about 2.5 seconds
He’s a fuck boy.
Here’s how to avoid this kind of dude.
If it go down  in your DM, and you, and dude exchange number’s. Hit dude with one word answers, and allow him to talk. If he is truly interested, see if he’ll offer to go out on a date.
Also, put it out there, to see,  if he’d be interested in anything about you.
Watch for those “getting to know you questions.”
If he ask for those nudes.
Do not send them. I repeat. DO NOT SEND THEM!.
See if he’ll still be interested in keeping you around.
It’s just that simple.
I can gurantee you. A real fuck boy will stop calling, if you start to display any woman like qualities. He do not want to know you, he just want to get in them draws. As a matter of fact,fuck boys are kind of Narcissistic in nature, which means they have a mental disorder in which people like themselves have an inflated sense of their own importance.
Run ladies!.
Do not allow a man to make you dowmgrade your worth, by playing on your emotions, and, taking something so valuable, and precious, but is unwilling to give you so much as of a date, no commitment,  and is carelessly mishandling your heart. No matter how charming this indiviaul is, only you can stop him, from going, from plan A, to plan B.
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