God Bless America!


This presidential election will go down in history for certain. Due to the mere fact that this campaign, consisted of, two of the most unpopular candidates ever, to run for the White House.”Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

Today, is seemingly eerie. There’s a silence amongst many Americans. Especially, African American’s and The Mexican communities, and other immigrants a like. There is a sense of uncertainty of what is to become of our communities with someone like trump being the next president of the United States.

The message trump supporters sent, was most notably,and quite clear, that there’s a hatred in this world, that is far greater than what we would have ever imagined. And even in 2016, years after the slayings, of our ancestors, and their fight for equality. Still, we are really far from ever being free.

As I was watching the different news coverages one reporter explained that this was a “whitelash” for having a black president. The astounding amount of trump supporters, showed, that the years obama spent in the white house, and the changes he “did” make, despite his own oppositions. There was hatred brewing.

This “America” was founded on the backs of others, which included, but wasn’t limited too.  Kidnapping, robbery, rape , murder, enslavement, and the torture of others.

White Terrorism.

The White House  where our country’s president resides, was built by slaves. Slaves, who were never suppose to live, inside, this “white mans home.”

The laws that were created, to be only equal for a white man, the very laws that was never, intended to give justice to a black one.

So hatred was brewing.

There was, and is, anger brewing, because, a “black family”, who did not fit the “stereotypical lifestyle,” that was given to us descriptively by white male americans- the lifestyle, that now, has become a choice for “some”, but wasn’t always – In fact, The Obamas, were the complete opposite.

So hatred was brewing.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump played on that hatred, and he focused his entire campaign, on his audience and their hatred, who was, primarily white male americans, and if nothing else, he was able to win, because he did that unapologetically.

And WE underestimated, just how much hatred still existed.

We have and will continue to learn from this presidential campaign. One great lesson is for the African American and Hispanic communities, is that we are in this thing together, and that we must work together as a unity. Not to divide other races, but to allow, our own, to become stronger.


The other lesson will be for the trump supporters. They have chosen someone, anyone, as long as he was white, to be their president. Regardless of his hatred, his sexist statements, and lude behavior, his judgment of Islamic beliefs, and his temperament, to be commander in chief. His lack of preparation, and leadership, all together. However, they will soon learn, how decisions, especially life decisions, should not be made based off of hatred, but, of what someone is willing, and capable of doing for our nations.

One thing we did have in The Obama Administration, was eight years of, integrity, great judgment, preparation, humanity for others, compassion, humility, humor, class, wholesomeness, and a great family structure. And that is what a president should be to America and for all nationalities and religions. Anything outside of that is an injustice to all of us.

One thing I will say. No matter who won that election. We are in control of us. Our families and our communities. No president ever literally feed or clothe any of us. We did that. Our true credit, no matter who we voted for, goes to God. He has the last and final say.


God bless America–

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