Gun Control in America


Will gun control put an end to violence in America? I honestly feel they’ll always be away to commit a violent crime. I do however, understand in my belief, it’d reduce the prevention of mass killings.

I also understand it’s a human right to bare arms. But when you think about it. Who’s really “allowed” to bare arms?. White men, or white women?.

A black man or woman is often denied those rights,in fear of what their “capable of” But are we not learning that looks are decieving?

What do a murderer look like? Can you tell what’s in the mind of that little disturb white kid, who’s never gotten help, from his parents who were in denial?

If America can take a few seconds, and put aside their differences on race and sterotypes, maybe for once there can be a resolution to the problem of mass murder.

I know nothing will happen overnight. I do feel though. Our politicians who are in control, owe it to the American people, to do what’s in their power, to come together, despite their differences and learn to protect the American people. We’ve voted for them out of trust. Trusting that there can be a safer America because their mature enough, to reach a solution that’s applausable.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But Orlando, Sandy hook, and Virginia tech shootings, should not be addressed temporarily. But on going.

When campaigning,  politicians know what to do to make America even greater, but yet, gun control is still the elephant in the room?, and WHY!, none of our politicians capable of understanding that, and finding equality, is becoming increasing, and truly, is now becoming a life threatening problem?.


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