Hashtag #Freddie Gray Jr


Freddie Gray  Jr, 25 year old African American male, was arrested on April 15,2015 by Baltimore Police, for an illegal switchblade. Popular video shows, an unarmed Freddie being dragged toward a police van. Visibly in a lot of pain and unable to walk.

Unfortunately, on April 19,2015 Freddie had succumb to his injuries sustain while in police custody, in which later was determined on his death certificate as a “Homicide.”due to spinal cord injuries.

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn J.Mosby unfortunately was unable to hold the six officers responsible in this case accountable. After one year, the last three officers were all acquitted due to the increasingly overwhelming odds stacked up against her.

it’s astounding how these officers were all suspended with pay, and ultimately not held accountable. Baltimore had one of the largest riots in decades,and curfew, due to the increasingly amount of tension between officers and the African American Community. Following Freddie Jr’s death.

There’s something wrong here. It’s too much politics and bullying in the hands of our juridical system. There’s a cultural issues for centuries between law enforcement’s and the African American Community.

Police officers, have been given power it seems, same as the Klans Men. They are the new founders of “Modern day” lynching.

So. How are we willing to make changes to this on going “racial tension?.” Is the question.

Will police brutality ever end?.

I’m certain there are actions and measures that can change police brutality. America has capture Sadam hussain, and several other terrorist groups. Why haven’t we – black America- ever received any justice for the 100 of men,women and children who have died by the hands of police officers?.

I’ll say this, no officer, should not, not care about the welfare of the people, or anyone dying while in their custody. And for that alone, they should have been punish. However, yet again, another Acquittal.

Justice for Freddie Jr.


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