It’s a known fact, that doing well, just don’t sit too well with others. It’s an unfortunate fact. But the truth, non the less. I joke around with the men in my family, as they always be so complexed as to, why when they leave a woman, she turn around, and becomes more beautiful, sexier, and focused. Well, I’m sure most of you ladies can agree that we exhale.

We exhale. And when we finally let go, we except it, move on, and inhale on new beginnings. I’m not sure if you guys do this, but in the past, when I separate from someone, one of the things I always do, is learn to focus myself on me. I usually, take on the things that may have contributed to the split, except my errors. Then I work on them.

I do anything that will keep my mind off the thought of getting back together, and completely let go. I’ve taken dancing, and acting, I’ve written a book on poems, to clear my mind. I listened to tons of music, that really helps. I went out, every chance I gotten, and I went to church a lot, for healing.

Then before you know it. Your ex, is genuinely the past. You can focus your attention on, your health, your credit, your dreams etc.

The reason a woman looks greater, after a dasterous relationship. Is because, what a man sees, is an evolution, a woman, who is no longer hurting, or held down by her demons, or his. A woman who learned to be assertive for the better good of her well being.


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