How to bounce back after a heartbreak.


How to get back to yourself after a heartbreak.

It’s simple.

Don’t focus on what could have been, or why you weren’t good enough. Focus on finding a happy place. An exhale moment. A lot of times when a relationship comes to an end, very often, it’s one sided. Someone is always left feeling that they didn’t add up to the expectations of their counter part. And of course, when in the process of healing, one of the things that suffers the largest blow, is your self-esteem.

Why wasn’t I good enough?

What is it about me?

However, that is where you must be strong, and refocus your focus on you. Focus on yourself in a positive way. Please, do not jump right back into a relationship. Instant gratification is a false substitue of being ok, and will leave you right back at square one. Allow yourself time to hurt. Process that not having your ideal soulmate is your new reality, and understand, that not being okay, is apart of getting back to being okay again.

Then ask yourself.

What do I, or what can I enjoy doing?

Perhaps, what can I do different?

Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone.

Then consider a few helpful ideas.

1.Take up some classes.
2.Start working on a small term goal.
4.Go out as often as possible.
5.Read inspirational books.
6.Self evaluation.
7.Listen to music that motivates you.

of course, these are brief ideas. The point is, getting back to you. In the process of figuring yourself out. You will also be healing. Then later, you will look back at this heartbreak,and understand, perhaps, your role in the breakup, and except, that, just because you were not the right person, for whom you were interested, do not mean, that you aren’t perfect for another. Also, another thing to consider while finding yourself, is understanding two important factors.

1. Why did you love that person?
2. Was that person derserving of your love?.

Ask yourself also, how important it is, to be loved equally when your in a relationship. Brainstorm. Try to invision starting over. Be hopeful of new love. But be realistic. Just ensure yourself, that when you find that happy place, that peace of mind first, and foremost,and when you believe that you are prepared to get back into the doggy dog world of dating. it’s not such a bad idea, to write down what you want in a mate. Do not sale yourself short by thinking that expectations are unrealistic. Remember how attractive it was when you met someone that was confindent and knew their worth?

Well news flash!.

it is no different for you.

Get back to you, so that you can allow yourself, to get the love you are very much derserving of.

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