Can jealousy be a turn on?

I don’t know. There’s that fine line between psychotic and cute. I’ll be honest I love when a man is a tad bit jealous. It’s kind of attractive. It also shows that your wanted and that somewhere he thinks you belong to him.

But why don’t men find jealously attractive? Or do they?

Do jealousy showcase our imperfections or do we have insecurities that comes to the surface when we’re displaying jealousy?


In my opinion. It’s probably all of the above.

So. How do you not be that “person”?.

Well. It’s simple. Just don’t be acting all jealous and stuff. Seriously, it’s a sign of personal issues, and can come off as a warning sign, and possibly, make someone run away.

Its an underlying issue of self exceptance. And I’m not saying we all don’t posses those qualities. I’m simply saying, control that crap. Use your discretion and choose your battles. 

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