Jessie’s Magic.


“Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we ain’t real.” — Jessie Williams.

This year’s BET Awards made up for anything that was ever missed throughout its history of award ceremonies. The tribute to the late great Prince. From the opening of Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamars outstanding “Freedom” performance.

More notably of course, was the Jessie Williams speech that stole the entire night. My favorite part of the speech was all of it, but Jessie’s acknowledgment of black women being overlooked. Another important factor was the way we kill ourselves over “brands.” Where as one time we were being killed with brands on our bodies. Of course, being Jessie is a public figure, he was being discredited, but to be quite honest. No one else was EVER going to acknowledge today’s fuckery.

So, I applaud and appreciate that Jessie used his platform to not give a speech for himself, but shed awareness as to the conditions and treatment of our people in TODAYS world. From modern day murder by police officials, to the criticism for when we’re standing up for change. The fact that our culture is profitable, stylish and admired. But we’re being to robbed and discredited. I mean. He absolutely defined the modern day Sidney Poitier.

I was absolutely here for it.

If you missed it. Here you go!.

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