“Let’s just be friends.”


When a guy hit you with the, “Let’s just be friends.”, after you’ve already had sex, and you’ve done all the things inappropriate for a friendship. Grant him his wish.

Ok. “Friends” don’t sleep with each other. And if you endorsed any of his finances. Make sure to shut down his stability in you. I mean. Do you help your friends out financially? No!.

“What that mouth do?.” Nothing. Not to a “friend.” Oh!. And all that personal assistant type shit, like help with doctor visits, or meeting family etc. All that.


Now do everything, “dutch.” Dinner, movies, getting a bottle of water. Errything!

“Oh!  you want a bottle of water boo?, that’s a dollar!.  Where your bread at?.

Dutch!. “Friend.”

No inappropriate pictures or text messages after hours. And, make sure to be free, to DATE!, whom ever you so chooses. There’s no need for loyalty, when your just “friends.”

Men have a cowardly way of friend zoning women. They expect all the benefits of a boyfriend. The loyalty, the encouragement, the nurturing etc. And like the “fuck boys,” they are. “some men”, wouldn’t mind, if their “friend”, would be in love with them.

All for their narcissistic benefit.

Let’s be clear. The reason, that some men, throw out the term “friends”, is so that they do not have to be responsible for your feelings. Their making sure, to keep you in check, while exploring their options.

It is never ok, to give someone the best of you, and in return, your not even acknowledge for it. Do not be weak.

If that man do a 360, make him live with his choice, to just be “friends.” Don’t settle for nothing less than what you are worth. Like kicking a bad habit. Cut him off, “cold turkey.”

If he want a genuine friendship. He will respect your stance, and keep your friendship very platonic.

Point. Blank. Period.


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