Letter to the Masses: #BLACKLIVESMATTER


In the wake of the #AltonSterling murder I write this to address the people. To me all lives matter but in the most recent cases its evident that we make it known that BLACK LIVES MATTER!

A video surfaced late Tuesday evening of yet another cop (Caucasian) shooting an unarmed man, this time at point blank range. A witness who seemed to be scared for her and the man they were subduing captured the video. You can hear the fear in her voice and the cries that come after the shots were fired.

In the video it is unclear what took place right before they tried to arrest Mr. Sterling and after the shots went off however what is evident is from this video is he was unable to do anything to defend himself in anyway be it violent or non-violent. This is what is clear. Mr. Sterling ran, his reason why we will never know, but I looks like resisting arrest. Next the officers tackle him to the ground and pin his arms, face, and one officer is over his body. After this you hear an officer scream, “He has a gun! Gun!” Then the officer kneeling on his left are and mushing his face into the ground says, “Hey boy, if you f**k with me I swear to God!” all while holding his gun to is face. The other officer has drawn his weapon as well. After that two shots are fired, at the same time the person holding the camera (assumed to be the woman crying) drops it and there is blackness before another two shots ring off. Now someone explain this away? Anyone?

Another video as released late Wednesday afternoon from another angle showing a more clear description of what actually happened. The Daily Beast released the video showing that the officers did may have seen a weapon in his pocket although it is unclear what it was it is very evident that Mr. Sterling was unable to reach it to cause any harm to the officers.

Too many times these videos have surfaced on social media platforms and news outlets across the nation, and too many times nothing has been done. Justice was not served so what do we as a people do now? Who will be killed next and which killing is going to invoke change?

People of all backgrounds have taken to social media to voice their opinions. Today in NYC a well-known radio personality spoke out against the injustice during a phone call with a current police officer. Rosenberg of Hot 97 blatantly says, “They murdered that man. We just saw it.” He also states “Until you guys start taking responsibility for your own, people in the streets are going to be upset instead.”

Many celebrities and activists in the Black Community have spoken out about many of the same situations and this one seems to be no different. Many like Tyrese, Nas, Bruno Mars and countless others are in an outrage, but the question still remains, what are we going to do to invoke change? Are we going to rant and be angry, then protest, and then protest some more, only for the issue of this murder to fade over time and the officers involved to get a pat on the back while the family of Mr. Sterling are left to pick up the pieces? His oldest son, who is only 15 has to become the man of his home before his father was even done teaching him to become one? How do we end it?

I fear for all of us, men, women, little boys and little girls alike. This is the state of mind they want us in. Fear is how you control, but I say no more. Educate your children, your family, your husbands and brothers. Keep them from being the next Alton Sterling. Pray with belief in your heart, and make a stand against it all. Use your voices and power to invoke change first at home, then in the community. It takes an army with the same goals to win a war. We have the army; we just need the war plans before the strike. I am unsure if violence will solve anything, but I am sure that non-violence has not solved it in the past. Neither Martin nor Malcolm really changed anything before they died but they fought damn hard and we should too. This generation is more eyes open than any before. Use it to be a force, to protect us against them. Unite and we shall prevail.

Press play to watch the disturbing video of the #AltonSterling shooting.

You can also press play to see what Hot 97’s Rosenberg had to say to the officer who called into the show.



Click Here to watch the disturbing video provided by The Daily Beast.

Lynn Gray
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