Love and bad timing


Women in the beginning of courtship, or perhaps, in a relationship period, may show way to soon how they feel. No sugar coating.  No secrects. Just upfront. I love you’s etc. Why most of the time, when people start dating with that, “friends with benefits” crap, it oftern ends, with the woman wanting more, or starting to fall in love. Let’s be honest, if there is nothing else a woman is good at – though we’re good at everything – it’s knowing when something is right. One of the things I had to learn quickly despite what I thought, is that unfortunately you can’t love for the both of you. And unfortunately, you can’t force someone to see what’s in front of them. So, you find yourself once again, reluctantly, by yourself, at no fault of your own. Then your force to move on with your life. Then out of no where, you get that text, or call, from your ex, like, “I miss you.” it may be years later, an naturally, your all puzzled, but politely declined, and then start singing in your head, one of Beyonce’s greatest hits “think God I dodged a bullet.”, – you know bey have a song for errything!- as you hang up thinking. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, brother.

The truth is though, men just love way to late. It’s unfortunate, that their moment of clarity comes years after you’ve moved on. I guess it’s the fact that, the ratio of women, compared to men, men have far greater options, which keeps them from, what they think is “settling”, and while your trying your damnest showing this guy, why he should “notice you, and that your the one!” in anyway you can mustard up, he just walk’s all over you, taking you for granted and shit. Then after you damaged your credit, lost yourself, friends, and your love ones, in the process of trying to win this clown’s affections. You move on.

Then one night. He’s like. Wait. I had all these “options”, and out of all these women, I  think such and such was good for me, and of course, by this time, he’d now have, three kids, and two failed marriages. And like the docuhe bag he is – now – he has clarity?, but by this time, you’ve repaired your credit, heart, friendships, and life. Wheeeet?, snaps fingers, rolls eyes, and twerk like Serena, start singing,”Middle finger’s up, I ain’t thinking bout you. I ain’t sorry” — Seriously.

Fellas. Wisen up. Learn to love the one your with, while she’s loving you, because time is a double platted sword, It heals past wounds, and waits for no one.

I’m just saying.

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