Love the way it hurts


Why is love so complicated?. I’ll never understand how and why we end up loving the ones we love. Sometimes it’s instantly, you know from the minute you meet, that it’s just something about that person.

The only problem sometimes, is if the connection was one sided. Then it becomes a tug of war of emotions.  It’s like, you can enjoy the time you guys spend together, and for you, you’ll want to see that person, day in and out, but what if that person doesn’t feel the same.

The challenge then becomes one with yourself.  Do you stay or do you go?. Being in love, is equal to drug addiction, in my opinion. It’s easy to get hook, but hard to break the habit. It’s also, the challenge of getting that person to want, and understand how you feel, and somehow return the favor.

In the real world, usually being loved equally,is few and far between. But I’ll be the first to tell you, I run from,”bad love.” Because I’ve learned to love the way it hurt. I allow reality to cause the pain,so that I’m able to walk away from what’s not good for me.

I allow the affects of, “one-sided” love, to keep me sain, in a not so again situation. Usually when love is one-sided, it feels that way. You feel like your not good enough,pretty enough, smart enough etc. I mean. I can go on. So usually, if you channel those mid-guided emotions, into motivation, I’d will help you to break away free from toxics.

I will say this though. Everyone want to be love. Do know also, that, even if he or she doesn’t show their emotions, when they don’t have your love, they’ll miss it. People fail to realize that a person showing you love, is a personal choice, and option. So to have love, as opposed to never being loved at all, is a beautiful theory. However, in the event you decides to call it quits,remember, your absence will be missed.  It’s important, you allow that other party to know. “It can be given, and it can be taking away.”

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