Love vs Inlove


I started this blog today. Without a topic. Why?, well several reasons. One most importantly, was writer’s block-not on what to write about-but where to start.

I was browsing the web, looking at different blogs on love. I’m not sure, was I looking for some unsolicited advice, or, some much needed soul relaxation. But. I came up with a thought.

A thought on. When do you know your in love? How do you know your in love, and what’s the difference between being in love with a person, and just simply loving that person?

Love, they say, is a feeling but with an option. It’s said that we can choose who we love.

However, when in a troublesome relationship, sometimes, we love an individual, but, when the physical attractions, and connections are gone, we tell ourselves, we’re not “in love.” This disconnect can often help people choose to simply walk away.

The question in my mind though. If you love someone. How do you know when to walk away?

If being “in-love and love” are both choices. When do you decide, that a person is worthy of your devotion?

In my opinion.

I Feel that both being in-love and love are one. I do feel that the idea of being “in-love”, is separate from most people views on love, and because of the physical attraction, idealisticly  “in love” may hold greater power,  in terms of measurement. A physical connection is important in deciding whether to fight harder, or to walk away from someone.


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