Love yourself more.


Vulnerability is like attracting flys to shit. “Pardon my French”. But for some,well that’s what they see. Vulnerability is almost like a welcoming,”to-play narcissistic games.”

For example. You go through a recent breakup, and your trying to repair, regroup, and find understanding. But before you reach the mission of finding “Nemo.” Sort of speak. The hurt your feeling, unfortunately shows. Most of the time, there’s always, always, some man, watching, waiting, for an opportunity, and any other day, he might not get the time of day, but due to the circumstances. You think. Oh what the hell.

Then, you guys start kicking it, and, unknowingly your opening up – when honestly, you shouldn’t be dating at all – and now, this guy who once wasn’t a mother f-ing factor. Now have your undivided attention. Before you know it. He’s making you happy. Him. So in otherwords. Your allowing that false pretex again!.

But then. He falls back. Now you asking yourself, why, now your feelings are hurt, uncertain, like what the hell happened?, so you start that crazy ass texting,  and calling,  and of course with no response. Now you find yourself,  back at square one.

But listen up though.  Real men. Don’t search out prey to make themselves feel relevant, their aware of what their short comings are, and they don’t need to look for vulnerable women to reassure them that they are wantable.

But a weak man. He will hunt you down, tell you every sweet nothing you want to hear -cause men know women use words as endearment – unfortunately, sometimes, without any actions, get you to loving him, or at least, thinking you do. And then, the real narcissist will show up.

So ladies. Trust me, I know all to well that it’s easier said then done. But you must learn to protect your heart. Heal from the inside out. Before starting over. It’s that simple boo.

To beat a Narcissist is to simply love yourself.

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