Marvel’s Doctor Strange (Movie Trailer)


“Doctor Strange” starring Benedict Cumberbatch set to be released In Theaters November 4th, 2016 Directed by: Scott Derrickson follows the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions.

Okay, so first things first: Who is this Doctor Strange guy? And that’s not his real name, is it?
You might be surprised to learn that Doctor Strange is actually a physician with the last name Strange. Stephen Vincent Strange was created back in 1963 by Marvel legends Steve Ditko and Stan Lee (though most would agree that Ditko should get most of the credit). Ditko on his own was a bit of an odd duck. He was the creator who, more than anyone else, opened the Marvel universe up to the weird and mystical.

Strange’s backstory was first told in Strange Tales #115. At first, he was a talented surgeon with an asshole streak, winning fame and fortune through his work. But a car crash crippled his hands, ruining his career. He spent years looking for a miracle treatment that would fix him, and eventually wound up in Tibet. There he met the Ancient One, a… well, ancient person who taught him all about sorcery and otherworldly dimensions. Eventually, Strange would leave conventional medicine and his jerk ways behind and become the Sorcerer Supreme, Earth’s master of magic and mysticism and one of its greatest champions. (Source: The Verge)


Terrence Forrest
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