Mixed Signals


You know. We all know, that famous quote,  from the late Maya Angelou, that say’s, “if a person tell you who they are, believe it.” And even though,  this may all well be true, but nowadays, that’s not that simple. These days everyone’s lying about, who, and what, they really are. People motives, are different as well,  and these days, again, everyone, seems to have a hidden agenda.

Now, it’s always been difficult, to find a mate,  that is truly honest, with your best intentions in mind, but throughout the years, and in today’s dating world, this has become increasingly harder.

How about, when you meet someone, and in the beginning, you both seem to genuinely, have the same interest. Possibly, settling down, starting a family, and perhaps thinking far beyond, casual encounters. But, of course, some messages, are either delivered the wrong way, or perhaps, possible, these messages may need cliff notes, because  some messages, are just simply mixed.

Now, I apologize in advance fellas. As I stated in a previous blog. I can’t speak on behalf of men, well, because, I’m a woman. With that being said. In my opinion, men, are the best!, at sending mixed messages.

Fellas. Be honest. You know, you see a bad ass female, and some of you may be thinking, house, kids, and the American Dream. And, well,  the other 99% is thinking. I can’t  wait to Smash!. Men be willing to say or do anything possible, to get to the goal. That “goal”, of course, is Sex.

Then, when that’s accomplished. The woman,  is now, the “crazy” one, and “you” “never, said anything, about being exclusive?.”

This has always been the biggest game in the book, and yet us women, always falling for that, “good ole, sweet nothing,” routine.

I will say this though.

Ladies!. It’s always, a learning experience, when we allow ourselves, to believe those mixed messages, because in between those sweet nothings, there are always, warning signs, that we over look.

Actions always did speak louder than words. However, don’t beat yourself up too much, because people are suppose to be honest, and you should be able to trust what an individual is saying to you. Whenever you feel something is too good to be true. Most of the time it is. Don’t ever entertain, everything that’s being said to you, allow a man, to show you, by his actions.

Do not use a man’s words too much for endearment.

Sorry fellas,  you all, are just known, for being deceitful.

Ladies. Pay attention to those warning signs. My mom always said, “A truth will stand and a lie won’t.”, and as much as I hate to admit, at times, about my momma being right, her track record has been pretty good.

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