No “Bodie’s” Perfect


Sometimes we have to pull ourselves away, from what we think we want. Many of us fight with ourselves on, “what’s the ideal, career, mate, lifestyle etc.” But I am now learning, to stop putting so much pressure on the things we see. I touched on this before in a previous blog. About wanting to be, the things we see on social media. Getting caught up in with “The jones’s” happens to the best of us. I’ll be the first to admit to that.

Just as recent though. I started realizing that I was becoming too caught up in social media. My mind started getting ahead of me, and I had to STOP!. I had to no longer focus on anyone else’s, “pretend happiness” and truly work on my own.

The minute I did that, I already felt relieved. The constant reminder of what your body should look like, the ideal man, I mean even down to your teeth. The Internet has an answer or a solution to make you be, “perfect!.” But be honest. No matter how perfect you look on the outside. Our make-up was not to be perfect. So. Let it go!.

This is how to get caught up in the never ending cycle, meeting that guy or girl, who’s been brainwashed by social media, and no matter what you do, it will never be good enough, if you don’t look, and act the part of a “rich celebrity.” You’ll drive yourself crazy. Don’t allow this to be you. Know when to enjoy social media, and know when to log off.

When you meet a social media whore, and you realize that you are caught up in the mind of the internet junkie. Let him or her go. It’d will never work, because their looking for “perfection.” which doesn’t exist. And your looking for contentment, that you’ll never find on the Internet.

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