No romance without finance


When a man ask for financial assistance in the beginning of a relationship or throughout one, it’s completely unattractive. A man is suppose to be the provider. Right? Or today, is that wrong?

These days a man may not even offer you to dinner, but will freely take ass. Men now also don’t have any shame in asking for money as soon as numbers are exchanged. But here’s my thought on that. In my opinion ladies, if you start the relationship off that way, your teaching him to depend on you, versus the other way around. It’s hard to know what kind of man, possibly husband, or father he’ll be, if he starts off showing that finances is a weak point. And some may argue that maybe he going through a ruff patch, and he’ll “probably” end up being a great guy later on. The problem is. Who’s willing to chance it?

Now I’m not saying if a guy lives with his mom, or don’t drive, or temporarily unemployed, to zero him out. But allow that man to be a man, and fend for himself. Don’t enable him. Then your showing him that he’s the woman in the relationship, and you’ll find yourself, knee deep in bills, with no help or outlet of your own.

Say no to using “your credit”, um hello. Do not finance a car, give him a credit card, cell phone or any other,”investment” with the sole priority ship will be you. People walk away quicker in marriages.

Bottom line ladies. Set standards. Financial standards, in the beginning of courtship, finances shouldn’t even be discussed, it can destroy things up before its start’s. See that as a warning sign and back off!.


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