One bullet away from being a hashtag


This 4th of July I gotten together with my family in Owassa Alabama. While visiting, we all decided to take the kids to Montgomery to visit the home of Dr.Martin Luther King.

I remember standing in front of his home, the weather was beautiful. I looked at the swing on the porch, I sat on his steps,and all the while I’m thinking. I could actually invision Mrs.King bringing out ice cold lemonade, while we ran and played,awaiting dinner. It was so peaceful and perfect. I can see myself being raised there.

Then I thought. It was only 55 years ago, where Dr.King was fighting for equal rights,non-violently. While he was having crosses burnt on his front lawn, and gunshots fired into his home. A home, that as you pull up feels so safe,so serene. I then visited what now is the civil rights memorial and it listed the names, dates, and people, who have contributed to this fight for equal rights. Some even lost their lives.

For centuries now. We have been dominated, abused, envied by “White racist America.” Back in the days, it was the Klan. Now America has evolved in the design of what’s allowed with our government. After 55 plus years, black men, women and children, still have to fear lights in their rear view mirror, at any minute, a black person can be gun downed in front of cameras and their will be no inditements, just another excuse, as to why that murder was validated.

We are still fighting for OUR lives. Non-violently. “Hands up, surrendering.” It’s time for true justice. Change. Equality. We need to stop hating, murdering, being envious of one another and work to end. Overly aggressive police officers, murdering our own. The legacy of Dr.King isn’t over. We have not won!. We are still under attack, by the terrorist of our police officers. The ones who are to serve and protect.

After my meaningful visit to The Late Dr. Kings home. Another black man (Alton Sterling) has died on camera by the hands of white, overly aggressive, police officers.

Now. After they get aquited. The question now is. How do we began to fight for change?. What are we willing to do?.


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