Playboy Mansion Sold for $100 Million Dollars


In February I had the pleasure of visiting the Playboy Mansion for the 2016 City Gala Hosted by Sir Richard Branson, while I was there it was rumored that the property might go up for sale. The property has been famous from all of the Notable celebrities who has visited along with the parties and the Playboy Bunnies.

Reports say that Buyer Daren Metropoulos, 33, the co-owner of Twinkies maker Hostess, who has lived next door to the Playboy mansion since 2009 Purchased the property for $100 Million Dollars. He plans to combine his current property with the 5 acres on which the Playboy Mansion sits to restore the 7.3-acre property as it was originally developed in the 1920s for its first owner.


“For the last 45 years, Mr. Hefner has imbued the estate with a rich and storied legacy. The property’s heritage is not only that of a famous address; it is a true masterpiece in design,” said Metropoulos in a statement.  The home had been owned by Playboy Enterprises. Hefner has been paying his company rent, according to company filings. He will also remain in the house for as long as he lives



Source CNN Money

Terrence Forrest
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