Should some promises be broken.


When can a promise be broken?. Truthfully, are there some promises that should have never been made. As a child, one of the things we learned early, was the importance of a good promise, and how there never to be broken. But, no one ever really taught you, about the fact, that some promise’s, are just not meant to be “contractual.”

For example. The matters of the heart. I can promise my man loyalty, trust, and partnership, but only on the contrary, that it’s given back to me, exactly the same way. Otherwise, It’s a promise meant to be broken.

Now let me explain, why that is. If we’re in a relationship, and everything is going as planned, we’re in love, we’re loyal and there aren’t any trust issues, and I just so “happened -to every once in a while- get all, girly type “crazy.”– (That’s still up for debate). But of course, everyone knows how unattractive that can be, and to avoid losing my man, I make that stupid, “Promise.” to stop flipping.

However, if at some point, things start becoming suspicious in our relationship, and I start feeling, less trustworthy, of his actions. Isn’t this a promise meant to be broken?.

Not to mention. The many child molestation incidents world wide, due to a perpetrator, advising their victims to keep a “secret”, and “promise” not to tell?.

Long story short. Contrary to most beliefs, there are many promise’s that should be broken, perhaps, never even made.

My suggestion is to always use your discretion about promises, being that there are so many misconceptions, on its rule, and it’s held at such “high” regards, it’s just best to think before you agree to a promise.

Truth be told. In my opinion,and of course this isn’t law, as long as the circumstances changes, promises that are made during a different period in ones life, just simply  become’s, obsolete.

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