T.I. Takes On New Business Venture That Is Sure to Make It Rain


Tip “T.I.” Harris is definitely the definition of a hustler. Mastering the music industry, the mogul has dipped his hands in many cookie jars. From clothing to acting the Atlanta rapper has dominated each field he pursues.

T.I.’s newest venture is set to be a very lucrative one. Not only for him and his partners but also for its employees. Houston’s hugely popular strip club V Live will be coming to Atlanta, and that is all thanks to Mr. Harris. According to TMZ T.I. and current owner of V Live Houston, Damon Cobbs, held auditions of over 1000 strippers for the new strip club.

The casting call seen many women but only 100 of the dancers were chosen. Cuts were made based on body type. Tight abs, rounded butts and snatched waists were among most of the requirements. V Live Atlanta is expected to have its grand opening this weekend June 17th .

Lynn Gray
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