The 80/20 Rule


Can you be happy in a long term relationship? Like. How do you know, if your suppose to just be “life partners.” and be satisfied with everyday life. Routine sex, sharing living expenses, kids, home and dog. I often wonder. Do God frown on us, when we complain about not having the “perfect romantic” life.

Don’t look for the answer here. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself. I remember watching Tyler Perry movie,”Why did I get married.” And there was that 80/20 rule. There’s so much truth behind that.

If you’ve been in a long term relationship, you can find a million things, why you just prefer to be single. A million. At that point you see potential in the looks and infatuation of everyone else.

Let me share what I discovered. Nothing!. Sometimes, that boring ole life. Is quite perfect. The messy man,who never remembers to take out the damn trash, and for the last time,drank out the cartoon of milk,emptied it,and put it back!,just might be perfect!.




But can you be okay without the romance, the intimacy, the old cupcake faze, or once that’s gone is it gone forever?.

And how to get that back?.

Do you ever wonder if maybe your just settling and too afraid to let go?.

I don’t know. I will say this though. Not knowing if your in the right place,or being too content and not stepping outside your comfort zone, can also be bad. But leaving and stepping into a war zone, of endless dating and never ending “F boys.” Is also equally devastating.

So. The question remains. Do you stay or go? Do I have 80% of what I need. Or is that 20% just as equally important? What is that 20% anyway? And can I teach my mate what’s needed  to get to that 100%?

I tell you this though. In most cases, these are conscious questions a woman ask. When I ask a man these questions, they’ll be quick to say leave first, ask those questions later. But ultimately though, when there is enough reason to leave or stay. You will know.


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