The bird that flew over the classy nest


Do the everyday, nine to fiver, fit in any longer. Is it still ok to be considered “average?” Whenever you log onto social media, you are hit with the overwhelming pressure to be “perfect”. The flat tummy teas, the waist trainers, the plastic surgeons. And of course all your most infamous reality stars, and their impact on the everyday working girl.

I recently was watching an episode of LHHATL, and in the middle of an argument Karlie Red, most notably known for her role in sleeping with benzino and fighting other men baby mamas, getting beat up by Joseline Hernandez, and getting publicly dumped by Life Jennings. Like the evil, two faced, reality D-lister she is. Let’s not forget messy. She yells out to another hard working sister, mother of four, “you work a 9-5.”


Well. I guess Joseline said it best, she don’t have “shit to say, if a “D&@k, isn’t in her mouth.”

Pardon me for my unprofessional shade, but her comment had a tone.

A tone, that is leaving our sisters, who are hardworking, educated, with no assistance, buying their own homes, raising those baby’s, and paying dues to society, feeling worthless.

And why?

All because society says,it’s  better to have a flat tummy, huge asses, fake boobs, and be a stripper, in order to be looked at or desired.

Well ladies.

I’m here to tell you. Be grateful. If that man can’t see the good in you, based on your looks. Celebrate, because looks fade, and you want a love that can stand a test of  “time.” Not one that’s built on superficial irrelevance.

Do not let these minimum wage, D-list celebrities, low entry level flunkies, have you feeling no way. And always remember! “their Instagram’s a liar.”

Believe half of what you see, and let’s of what you hear.

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