To know better, is to do better


One of the things I know most about, is the process of healing. Unfortunately, of course, this knowledge comes from the experiences of hurt. The best part about healing, is knowing, one, it’s over, and two, the power, of being once again in control of your emotions.

So. Being that I’m a gluten for punishment, I tend to experience disappointment often. This is of course, me being the imperfect human I am. Whether it be career, relationship or friendships etc. Dissapointments happen, and it can almost hurt as much as a real broken heart.

If you wondering why I say,”Dissapointment.”, and not really a heartbreak, because, sometimes there’s a huge difference. To be heartbroken, often times mean, there was much more of an investment in some aspect, whether it was financial, emotional or physical, and then, there was a huge let down. This let down, may cause some form of emotional pain. This usually comes from not having the knowledge of someone else’s intent.

Being dissapointed, however, comes from knowing better. To put yourself in a situation, almost knowing what the outcome is going to be. Dating someone who have shown you a sign of being the wrong one, but you still pursue the possibility-and nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong. Taking a chance on love is normal, but it’s a knowledge you may have been aware of before hand. So, when this relationship don’t work out, the way you’ve “solely” envisioned it, it will leave you beating yourself up, and naturally, blaming yourself. Again, because, there was prior knowledge.

Moving forward after dissapointment is simple. Get over it!. No more second guessing the outcome, no more looking at your flaws-that probably only you notice. No more holding on to the possibility. Simply, let go!. Oh, and if your anything like me, your saying, “that’s easier said, than done.” But let me be clear. I’m not saying it will be easy. What I’m saying is, that it has been done. And, I’m suggesting, you do it!. Once you let go, the transition of moving on with your life and getting control of your heart, is much easier. Move on with the knowledge of knowing. God plans are far greater than our own.


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