Toxic Relationships


Toxic relationships can be rather draining. In most cases, it can suck the life right out of you. The worst thing of all, is that often it’s not recognizable. You just going about your daily routine. Unhappy, depressed and miserable.

Why don’t people today breakup? I’m not sure if it’s because the cost of living is so high,that it’s just cheaper to keep them. Or is it that people are just naturally selfish, or don’t know their worth, enough to know, when too walk away.

I had several bad relationships, so I can smell a toxic man a mile away. I’m a psychic to the signs of a “no good one” when I see it.

Learning when to walk away is a gift I own. It happens immediately. As soon as you see that it’s not working. Even the little things we overlook, be the very thing we get tired of later. Some flaws are manageable, and well, others are warning signs.

Overall though. A toxic relationship results in damage to all parties involved, children included. So. Learn to have an exit strategy. No one wants to start a relationship with the preparation of the end. However, it’s not good to be drunk of the idea of a relationship either, meanwhile, the one your in, is sucking the life out of you. But you stay, to say face.

Know your worth. Whether it’s abuse, physically, emotionally or financially. It may be simply the lack of having anything in common. Know when to exit. Do not be afraid to relax, regroup and release. You’ll never find that true mate. If your to afraid to start over.

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