Troy Ave sets up $10,000 Scholarship at His Old High School


Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave is using his resources to honor his long time friend Ronald “Banga” Mcphatter. McPhatter was recently shot and killed in a shooting that took place at Irving Plaza late May. Troy Ave is currently in jail on Riker’s Island facing charges of attempted murder.


Troy Ave’s lawyer, John Stella, reported that Troy would be setting up a $10,000 scholarship at the New Utrecht HS in Brooklyn. Both Troy and Banga attended the school together and were long time friends. The exceptional student would be presented with $2000 each year for up to 5 years. The scholarship is set to be in McPhatter’s name.


Troy also recently released a new mixtape titled “Free Troy Ave”. The project includes previously recorded tracks that have nothing to do with the current situation however there are several tracks that are in Jail recordings. The biggest thing about this mixtape is the Brooklyn rapper gets to tell his side of the story and debunk all of the falsified stories circulating he industry.

Lynn Gray
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