Truvada – H.I.V. Prevention Drug


When H.I.V. and AIDS started sweeping out our love ones, and the social stigma that follows AIDS, naturally this disease, have everyone afraid.

I’ve heard many people say, they wouldn’t want to know, and, there are countless others who either, purposely exposesd others, or hurt themselves when they’ve been diagnosed with AIDS. As death is the ultimate ending- as in some cancers – there’s currently no cure.

Recently, due to some unfortunate events, one of my loved ones was raped. And after going through the process of collecting evidence, and all the other emotional distress that comes from a sexual assault. The doctors prescribed a drug called Truvada, also known as Prep. “Pre-exposure prophylaxis.” It’s an preventive measure to stop H.I.V. after possibly being exposed.

Here’s what you need to know in the event you wanted to try prep or think you are high risk for the potential or exposure of H.I.V or AIDS.

Prep is not a vaccine. It does however, prevent you, from contracting H.I.V. Along with other preventions, this drug has been know to be successful in it’s prevention.

You must also be committed to taking the medication daily, as it is 92% effective that way, as it can reduce the risk, if it’s taken consistently. Truvada was initially created for transgenders, and gay community, though it also can be used for the heterosexual women and men as well.

The cost without insurance is anywhere between 13,000-10,000 along with lab etc. if you are considering possibly using prep, you can visit, if your in New York State you can call, The Prep Assistance Program 1(800)542-2437.

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