What’s on your calendar?



Okay, so the idea of scheduling sex may not be the most appealing to most but anyone with a never ending to-do list or is over the honeymoon stage looking to keep the fire burning may find this helpful.

I know what you’re thinking have we really come to a time where we have to pencil in a hump day?! Come on, we can all still fake a headache or a long day.

Hear me out.

Picture this: Sitting at your desk feeling worn and tired from the week..and suddenly your calendar reminds you “BJ’s after work” and we aren’t talking about the wholesale club.

DISCLAIMER! Now in no way shape or form is this method supposed to fix a rocky relationship it just makes sex more likely to happen.

K’ Let’s start small and try and make it fun and agree mutually on a date and time for the following week, no matter what try your best to keep the “Event” (even if you aren’t home). Work from there by adding fun or new things each time. This is your chance to scratch something off that bucket list or try a new position.

Still not convinced?

check out this book by sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., author of The Married Sex Solution.


Either way it couldn’t hurt, Sure is better than that Time Warner reminder..

Book a Bae Day!



Demi Lynn
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