Why starting over is hard.


The worst part about starting over.  Is well. starting over. The process of getting to know someone else. One of the things I fear the most about starting over, is just about everything.

Men are usually so hard to figure out. Especially in the beginning. I hate breaking down walls, and jumping through loopholes, to get to their heart.

Another concern, is stability. Many men these days are gold diggers. One thing I worry about is finding a man, who depends on me financially. It’s really important to me, that he is self-sufficient and independent.

I also want my mate to be very family oriented.  If I met someone who wasn’t, unfortunately, I would never be interested.

Lastly, I want my ideal mate, to be street savvy, and smart. It’s important, that my mate is compassionate, and passionate, inside the bedroom and out. The unfortunate part in all these qualities, is that sometimes you may go for years, and never perhaps, finding someone with any part of those attributes. Which makes the idea of starting over, terrifying.

I know many many women, who stay in their bad relationship, because of fear of not finding someone who you can live with and or don’t have manly like qualities.

The only advice I’ll give when starting over.  Is take your time and be aware of those warning signs.

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