You made a fool of me


“You made a fool of me, tell me why?, you said you don’t care we made love, tell me why?” — Meshell Ndegeocello

“She’s too needy or clingy.”  What do that mean exactly? often times men create the monster a “clingy” woman become. Now I am not speaking of the 7:30 head case that should have come with her own disclaimer. I am speaking about, the woman, who was sort out, chased, convinced and brainwashed – for the lack of a better word – to believe everything, you,”lied” about, and now she’s knee deep in love, and wanting more. Then, you decides, you know what. I’m just not that into her.

A man will never understand the pain that comes along with being passed over, after being swept away. I’ll give a little help. The reason, you may start recieveing several text messages and phone calls – Oh and please do not flatter yourself in believeing, that it had anything to do with your sex. Nope sorry – These emotions, are coming, all,  from your lies. Now, your lies, however, may have been on the bases of sex. But for a woman, these out cries that seems like she stalking you — no honey — These out cries are simply, in hopes, of some form, of understanding.  It’s very simple. it is that age ole question of,  “Tell me why?”  What did I do to deserve this abrupt ending?.

Now, I can tell you this, it’s a very lonely place that a woman goes too, when a man that once was so interested, stops showing any interest, and no longer cares about the fact that she has given herself to you, her mind, body, and soul, and just like that. Boom! it’s over.  It leaves a lot of self doubt. Contrary, to what men may believe.  When a woman makes a conscious choice to open up, let you in. There is a lot of thought that goes into it. A lot!.

In most cases, believe it or not, a woman of a certain age group, isn’t looking for love. At a certainn age, her primary focus, is her credit, her skin, her teeth, career, traveling, happiness etc. I mean. Love sometimes take a back seat. So, When her head space is disrupted by,”lies.” it’s only natural to want answer’s and understaing.

For some men however, once they’ve, chewed her up, and spit her out, to keep from dealing with her emotions, she’s then labled. I’ll have to say, it’s pretty selfish, and unfair. Now, believe me, that women will find her own closure, and if she’s anything like myself, she’ll learn from her mistake, and find a reason and some understanding, all on her own. But,do keep in mind, karma’s a bitch! and it’s always best served cold.

I often find, that that same guy who passed you over, often come back full circle, of course, you wouldn’t touch him with a ten inch pole. But, they’ll try. The difference between men and women though, is that a woman, think long and hard before exiting. A man leave first and ask question’s later. This is why their the one’s often left wondering, I woulda,shoulda,coulda. But a women often find her own closure, and find peace in letting go. She no longer cares about, what may have been.

Now, for some men, all of what I am saying, may come as a surprise. And well,  for other’s, they know, all to well, the hurtful game’s they play. Stop creating that “clingy woman” by being truthful up front. These days, there is no need to lie to get sex, because some women are giving away sex, like it’s water. If you see a good woman, who is in a great head space, enjoying life. Do not mess up her grind, and fill her head with lies. Do not see her as an opportunity, a challenge, to divide and to conquor her. View her as potential of becoming “your wife”

Inspired by life, and The beautiful Meshell Ndegeocello — Fool of Me

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